Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Forte: Why I am a Writer.

    Afternoon, dearies! This week I’ve been introducing some new things one the blog including a facelift! What do ya think?

    I’m introducing today as something as well: Friday’s Forte! Forte: a thing at which someone excels. Fridays, I’m tooting my own horn, as it were; I by no means excel at some of the things I’ll talk about but I’ll be at least decent... Consisting of mostly writing “things” and other little talents I have, Fridays will be fun and insightful.

    Today’s forte is going to do with writing: I write. Plain and simple. I’m currently writing multiple short stories, one fantasy novel (which may turn into a series), and pieces of poetry. Nothing worth sharing with the public yet for many reasons.

    I recently discovered, as in 2 years ago, that I wanted to be a writer. Before that, I was undecided between historian, museum curator, archaeologist, chef, or interior designer. Having so many things calling my name, I was bewildered and so I sat down and began to write out my emotions in the form of characters, discussions, and scenery. It became at first an outlet for stress and confusion. Now I write because I have to.

    Don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say. No one stands behind me with a gun and forces me to write. It’s not like that at all. Something inside compels me put my thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams onto paper. It’s scary at times, but the thrill of looking down at your notebook or computer screen and realizing that you have created a scenario, a character, and place that doesn’t exist… I love that feeling!

    That’s not what it’s always like, believe me. Many times I have sent a desperate message to a friend… “I HAVE WRITER’S BLOCK!” Worst. Feeling. Ever. And sometimes, it has lasted for days at a time. But, the joy of finishing a chapter, a page, a paragraph, sometimes a sentence, is worth it all.

    I read this quote recently and it struck me. It also convicted me of the fact that I should spend more time writing: “Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few tings, you’re doomed.” –Ray Bradbury.

    With that little quote pushing me onwards,  it’s time to get back to writing, my dears!


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