Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend Wonders

       I forgot to post this over the weekend! So sorry!

        My wonder this weekend was actually on Friday! Sneaky, I know. We had a fall picnic/bonfire at my church and many people were there. (Below are some pictures.) But the wonder was that not only are we a family on Sundays, or when there are trials, but we can also be a family during the good times too. What an encouragement for fellow Christians! We can get together and laugh, and eat, and roast marshmallows, and tell jokes, and eat, and let the kids play, and did I mention, we eat? We eat, a lot. Several of our church members are fantastic cooks, so the food was abounding... especially the desserts!

      That was my little wonder this weekend. I spent Saturday working on Algebra with my sister, planning our church trip to the Metropolitan Museum at the end of October, and doing some shopping. Sunday I was not feeling "up to par" so I stayed home from church to get some much needed sleep and I was able to work on some writing that day as well.

       Some pictures of the picnic are below. I must get better at taking more pictures!


PS- I'll be skipping Musings for a Monday this week. Tuesday's Thrills will be posted later on.

I always have a blast with these girls when I am blessed to pick them up!

My little man, Sammy

Bro. Ray... fire man.

Erin & Elizabeth... and Noah's head.

Elizabeth & Noah.

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