Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: Madagascar!

        My family a few years back had a sudden urge to go to Madagascar. Maybe we watched a PBS special or something, I don't know, but we never made it. Probably because of the price of airfare, hotel, etc. But anyway, here are some beautiful pictures of the lovely Madagascar!
In case you don't know where Madagascar is.

Look at that stretch of beach!
Baobab trees

Ready for a trek in the jungle?
Look at the view inland!
Ring-tailed Lemurs
A Yellow-Bellied Sunbird

Madagascar Gecko, isn't he cute?
A Fossa, a relative of the mongoose, living only in Madagascar. Adorable face, huh?
         What do you think? Beautiful place right? I'll go one of these days! Next week, we'll go somewhere in the United States. Maybe it will be close enough for you to visit!


         Disclaimer! I do not own any of the pictures! Any images with copyright stamps I did not crop out. All photos, unless stated, are not my own and can be found online.

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