Friday, November 8, 2013

November Thankfulness Challenge!

It’s November!

I haven’t posted like I promised. I think I’ll stop promising. But what I will do is a “30 day Thankfulness Challenge!” Many of my friends have been posting this on Facebook but I thought I would do it on my blog. Below are the first 8 days!

Day 1- I am thankful for… my parents. They are wonderful! They are there and can always make me laugh, or at least smile, when I’m having a terrible day. They are a great encouragement by showing excellent examples of their love for each other and their walks with the Lord.

Day 2- I am thankful for… my job. I started at a new job back in June and I absolutely LOVE it! There are days, of course, when it becomes tedious and long but I am enjoying it either way.

Day 3- I am thankful for… beautiful sunshine! This one sounds a bit odd, but there is nothing like waking up all groggy and "blehh" in the morning then turning towards the window and being reminded that sun is shining and Jesus loves me! That’s a big job for some sunshine!

Day 4- I am thankful for… my Savior. His love has become more apparent than ever to me as we have been watching The Bible series in our church on Sunday nights. The mercy and grace of our is just amazing! I can’t believe that He said a sinner, such as me!

Day 5- I am thankful for… my sister, E! She is awesome! Depending on the day, we can fight and be at each others throats or laughing so hard, we are on the floor! She is talented and smart: perfect example, she’s teaching herself guitar and Chinese!

Day 6- I am thankful for… my dear friend Sarah. She has been there for me through thick and thin, especially recently.  (And, I’ve known her since I was a few months old!) I know that she is there to listen, to pray, to encourage, and to “fangirl” over things with me. *wink* She has pushed me back to reading, encouraged me in my writing ventures, and taken me places in NYC that I would probably never have gone to otherwise. Love you, Sarah!

Day 7- I am thankful for… my friend Bethany. We became good friends through a very odd bunch of circumstances a few years back, but it was a friendship worth forging. She introduced me to Starbucks, midnight Skype calls, The Mummy movies, and lots of other things. We don’t talk as much as normal friends do, but let’s face it… our friendship was never “normal” to begin with! Love you, Bethany.

Day 8- I am thankful for… coffee! Another odd choice, I know. Well, there’s a good reason for this one.  Aside from all the awesome caffeine side effects, some of the best conversations I have had have been over a cup of coffee. Whether it’s outside Starbucks, teeth chattering in the middle of January, or inside a kitchen with warm baked goods, it’s afforded a comfortable place to open up.

Okay, I’m all caught up! What are YOU thankful for?


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