Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankfulness Challenge: Days 9-18.

I'm doing a terrible job at this... it's been a busy couple of days. Here's the next group of days for the November Thankfulness Challenge!

Day 9- I am thankful for... technology! I am thankful for being able to keep in touch with so many people so easily from all over the country, and you, my dear readers! I would not be the person I am today without being able to call or text a friend, view wedding pictures of those I would otherwise be unable to see, send birthday wishes, etc. It can be viewed as a bad thing, but used for the right reasons.

Day 10- I am thankful for... my darling friends... everyone else! I mentioned two on previous days but then I felt bad in case others feel like I'm slighting them. I have several dear friends that I do not speak to everyday, but I am eternally grateful for! There are so many of them that I will not name them, but you know who are. I've known some of them since I was born and others I have just become close with, but I love them all. They encourage me, purposefully or just by their examples, they make me laugh and cry, they are there. I have so many people that I can count on to pray when I need it, be there when I need to cry, etc. I pray for them and thank God that He gave me such a wide circle of friends.

Day 11- I am thankful for... my dogs! I love my babies! They bring such happiness and excitement into our lives. Something as simple as a dog's bark when you walk in the door from a long day at work can flip the whole day around.

Day 12- I am thankful for... laughter. This is something my family and friends do... a lot!!! No matter what I'm feeling like, a quick laugh and the day is a little bit better... and the situation doesn't look as bleak.

Day 13- I am thankful for... the people who protect our country. I have a few friends and family who members have served in the military. People protect our land with their lives and that make me proud to be an American.

Day 14- I am thankful for... solitude. Sometimes being alone is good. Walking through the park with the wind blowing autumn leaves around your legs, thinking, praying, reading, humming, etc. It sounds a bit strange but I like when I can be alone with my thoughts. I also get lots of ideas for my writing!

Day 15- I am thankful for... books! I can't believe this isn't an item on further up on the list! Books have opened a different world for me! I can live in those worlds, those situations, meet those people, be their friends, go to their parties, go on adventures, cry with them and laugh at them. I don't understand people who don't like to read. They must no be doing it correctly! (But I'll leave that for another time.)

Day 16- I am thankful for... my church family. Growing together in Jesus and helping each other along the way.... What else could I add?

Day 17- I am thankful for... food! I love food. I love eating, making it, making it, boiling it, steaming it, frying it, etc. But what I'm more thankful for with this, is the opportunities that go along with... the chance to gather with friends and laugh, talk, and eat! Thanksgiving is coming soon!!!!

Day 18- I am thankful for... traditions! Thanksgiving traditions, Christmas traditions, Easter traditions, birthday traditions, family traditions, friend traditions, etc. Tradition can become just that, but I enjoy them, and I don't tire of them!!!

Okay, that's the next batch. Share below what you're thankful for!


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