Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vow Renewal pics!

        My many apologies for taking a brief amount of time off. Crazy things going on! Just an update then I shall begin posting like normal tomorrow!

       My parents vow renewal was fantastic! I only have a few pictures that I took on my phone. We're waiting for the pictures from our photographing friends who so wonderfully helped us out! Anyway, below are the few I have.

Reverend Jonathan Schultheis performed the vows
Reverend Eddie Waldvogel says prayer

Dear friends of mine, Julie and Ashley Waldvogel did a violin duet of "I am His, and He is Mine." You can read Julie's blog here and Ashley's blog here .

We had a blessed time with many friends and family all around! Thank you to all who joined us on this special day!

I will post tomorrow with a Wanderlust Wednesday you do NOT want to miss!


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