Friday, September 20, 2013

Vow Renewal Plans!

It’s been rather quiet here in my little corner of Jersey. My grandma is home from rehab and doing wonderful! God is good!

Also, plans for my parents vow renewal are in full swing! My dress arrived on Monday and my sister’s arrived Tuesday. My sister will be clad in a bridesmaid dress made of brown chiffon and I shall look rather retro in a tea-length dress of burgundy chiffon. Shoes still need to purchase and I would like a silver bag to match. It’s a silver anniversary!

I’m rather excited. With the arrival of fall, we have about three weeks until the big event! MY dad got a new suit in jet black. A crisp white shirt and shiny black shoes, of course. E and I gave him for his birthday on Wednesday a new black wallet, a black belt, and a shiny new tie clip. All he needs is a tie. We can’t find one that he likes that has all the right colors. The search continues! Mom’s dress will look amazing. My grandma is taking her original wedding gown apart, getting rid of some things, and added others. I cannot wait to see the result!

Pictures of the big day will follow and I will update again soon! I’ll also post pictures of my dad’s birthday celebration over the weekend!

My dress
My sister's dress

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  1. OMG I can't wait to see pictures of your guys' dresses!!! Yous will be so pretty! Not that ur not all the time but still bahaha :) I love yous!