Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday's Throwback: Dad's Birthday!

         Today's throwback wasn't going back into the mists of time. We're going back to last... week... I know, not very original but I wasn't able to share these pictures last week so I figured, hey, I'll share them today and call it a throwback!

         I made a cake and gingerbread, set out the oatmeal cookies, and decorated the tables and a goodtime was had by all! Dad, Mom, E, Opa, Oma, Aunt Linda, and myself! (There are no "people pics" because after we sang, I forgot about taking pictures... oops. But here's the cake and stuff anyway.

Gingerbread with vanilla icing and oatmeal cookies!

Cake! (It cracked & after I cut it, it fell apart. But it tasted yummy!)

My favorite kind of decorations: confetti!!!!! Glittery happiness!!!!!!!!!!
         I'm incredibly thankful for my Dad and the example that he is. Love you Dad!

This picture is also a throwback to Thanksgiving, 2011.

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