Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: LONDON!!!

        It's time for a Wednesday of Wanderlust-ing! I yearn for travel! See new places, explore old building, meet interesting people, learn about new cultures!

        Today's destination is probably my top city in my top country... OF ALL TIME!!!! People just don't understand how much I want, no, need to travel to the United Kingdom, Great Britain, etc. But today I'm focusing on LONDON!!! Beautiful city! The buildings, the history, the museums, the River Thames, etc. The pictures will draw you in... at least they better.

A London street with autumn leaves...
Westminster Abbey

Big Ben and The River Thames

The Sherlock Holmes Museum!

Inside the Natural History Museum in London, UK

London Bridge
Palace of Westminster covered in snow and ice!

The "London Eye" Christmas time?
Maybe I can catch a glimpse of Her Royal Highness through a window at Buckingham Palace!
Care for a stroll, my dears?

A mist falls over London...
      I think we've covered the main highlights... Of course, pictures, although wonderful, are not the same thing. The smell of bakeries and cafes with pastries and tea while walking by the Thames to visit Big Ben..... Stopping at Baker Street for a quick cup of tea with Mrs. Hudson, John, and the great man himself, Sherlock Holmes! Wandering around and perhaps finding a blue telephone box..... Aaahhhhhhh..... *entering dreamy stage* I will go one day! But until then, I will be content with pictures!

       I hope you enjoyed taking a quick peak at this beautiful, fascinating city with me... next week... it's a surprise!


         Disclaimer! I do not own any of the pictures! Any images with copyright stamps I did not crop out. All photos, unless stated, are not my own and can be found online.

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