Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pray more!

A short post about prayer. Do you pray every day? What do you pray for? Who do you pray for? Is it all for yourself? Your family, friends, neighbors, church? This is wonderful and we should continue to pray for theses but there are plenty of people out there who need your prayer too! Find a site online, like this prayer wall and read through some of these people's needs. Pray for one or two if you feel like you should.

Don't take this the wrong way. I am positive that you all have so much to pray for but as part of the world-wide Body of Christ, let's not forget the other people in this world who need help and prayer too!


PS: I am not associated with the site I linked to. It's part of a website for Max Lucado's new book coming out entitled "You'll Get Through This." I found it and felt greatly admonished by the Lord to begin praying for these people and to share it with all of my readers. God Bless!

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