Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Update! - Growth & Upcoming Announcements!

So, I haven't been on here since May. It has been so crazy! I have started working on a lot of projects, started working on my Journalism degree. :) I am super excited for this new path! I would love to become a travel journalist! To begin on that journey, I'll be starting a journalism blog in the next few days to chronicle different trips that I take, places I go, people I meet, and just to practice my writing more. So I will post a link to that blog once I have it all set up and I begin to post on it.

I have been really absent from this site for a while. The summer was SUPER nuts! I went to camp for almost a month- that was great! I met a few interesting people and learned so much about myself and how I need God so much more! He has been so good to me lately. I feel so close to Him and I can't help but worship and praise Him with everything I do! I have been cleaning out my life of things that I know He doesn't want there anymore. It's a slow, long, and at times, hard, but I feel like I am becoming a stronger Christian and more confident in myself as I begin to find myself and who I am supposed to be in Christ.

My church had Vacation Bible School in August- that was a success! We have a few new people coming to church that I hungry for God to become real in their lives.

A woman in my church, Sis Pat. and I went this past Saturday to visit some of the kids from Bible School and some others that we have been missing from church. Driving around the town, we didn't talk to a lot of them, but we left them flyers and just prayed for them. We have a dear family in the church who is really going through a hard time. Financially, they are struggling, and they have a lot of other things going on in their lives. So right now, if you, my reader, don't mind, please say a quick prayer for them? It would be a blessing to them, and to me.

I think that's it. I'll be posting information on the new journalism blog as soon as I get it all set up.

God Bless,

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