Friday, September 28, 2012

Random thoughts...

        I wrote this on the train on Wednesday night but I had no way to post it. I hope you enjoy and I will be posting something about my trip, with some pictures, once I can!

          Today on the train going home, I saw two clouds. One was a vibrant, bright, and rich orange color, from the opposite sunset. Quite close to it was a dark, stormy, dreary cloud. They both had these pieces, ends if you will, that almost touched. It looked as if two fingers were reaching, stretching to touch. It reminded me of that beautiful painting on the Sistine Chapel in Italy; perhaps you know about what I’m speaking about. In this unforgettable painting on the ceiling, there is one scene that, I consider the most cherished and valued. God is extending His arm, His fingers trying to seize ours. The man, however, is not so eager: his arm is slightly up and reaching, but not as desperate; he doesn’t see it as precious, what he could have.

           I recalled from this simple illustration how the Lord desires to have a relationship with us as His children and also, of how many times we have neglected and ignored His pleas to become closer. The Lord continues to reach out to us even if we ignore Him and His calling. May we become more sensitive to His calling in our lives, and strive to accomplish what He desires us to. 

See you soon!

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