Friday, May 11, 2012

a lesson learned...

So a lot has been going on since my last post!

1) I have passed my Intro to World Religions test! YAY! (3 more credits!!!)
2) I have ended my college program that I was doing, not because I finished it with a degree but I felt like the Lord was leading me somewhere else. (I’ll elaborate on that more later on.)
3) Our Annual Homeschool Convention is in a week so we’ve been very busy with that but it’s going really well so far! Your prayers would be extremely appreciated!
4) I have sort of reconnected with one friend that I had lost touch with a few years ago.  I’m also trying to mend some other friendships that I have either lost, or I have drifted away from the other person. I feel like the Lord is leading me to try and reach out to these people so we’ll see how He leads.
5) I have been really using the last few weeks to grow in my spiritual walk. I’ll talk about that now and then go back to some of the other things.

I have been reading through different Psalms during the day. It’s been helping me stay calm, focused, and less stressed. I often would just get up and start my day, but now that I have been getting into the Bible more and just relying more on the promises of Jesus, I have a more gentle spirit within me. I know that it’s all due to His greatness and Holy Spirit. He has been showing me more and more how to become like Him.

When I am truly honest with myself, I know that I am not the person I should be. I know that God can make me into EXACTLY what He wants me to be. It’s very hard to surrender everything, and I mean everything to Him. I like to be in control, on top of everything, organized into binders and sections, calendars and appointments. But, I’ve been learning, slowly and painfully at times, that God doesn’t work that way. He needs to be in control of our lives. In His time, in His ways, He will do it all for good. For your good. That’s a lesson I’ve been struggling with for a long time, but it has been made so real to me that when God is in control, everything falls into place.

In regards to ending my college program, I felt that it was the right thing to do. It’s very closely related to my previous paragraphs. The organization I was working with are a wonderful group of people, first of all. They were right there to help me through things, answer all of my questions, give me great insight, etc. My personal coach was fabulous! She was always there to listen to me, help through failed tests, celebrate with me when I passed, etc. But most of all, she was there to pray with me and for me. I knew that I could trust her with a lot of my secrets and tell her many of my prayer requests. She would always make sure that I understood about my tests, everything about the program, etc. I was incredibly blessed to have her as my coach.

The main reason that I stopped that particular program before getting my degree, was that I felt that God wanted me somewhere else. I have a lot of college credits and now it’s going to be a waiting process. I have to see the options that are out there, see where God is going to lead me. It’s hard because, like I had said before, I have to entrust it ALL to Him. I am leaving my heart open to His leading, and my head open to suggestions! It will be a challenging couple of months to see how I can let Him lead, but I am very excited about what He will do with my life!

I think that’s all for now. If you made it all the way to the end, thank you for bearing with me! Please comment below!

Blessings through Jesus!

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