Wednesday, September 28, 2016

God's plan is worth it.

Hello readers!

   I know I promised updates before school began but it didn't happen and I apologize. But here is something that I have been praying about the last few weeks since my last post. Is the struggle worth it?  When God gives shows you His plan, it requires effort and sacrifice on our part to follow it through. But here’s what God has shown me: all the effort is worth it.

Every minute of lost sleep is worth it.

Every ounce of energy is worth it.

The time you sacrifice with friends and family is worth it.

The hours of prayer over that thing is worth it.

Every minute you have to force yourself to spend working on that God-given purpose is worth it.

Drinking so much coffee that you don’t ever think you’ll sleep again is worth it.

Giving up your time is worth it.

   How many characters in the Bible had to press forward to follow God's purpose? They had to persevere, keep going, making sacrifices, live through the ridicule, etc. But, they knew that following God was the plan. Jesus told us "Do not be afraid; only believe." (Mark 5:36b, NKJV)

   When God shows you “the thing” that He has for you, do not let fear hold you back because you find that there is a deep set drive and passion within you that you cannot ignore. It’s the thing that forces you to stay up late. It’s the thing that your mind constantly returns to in the middle of the day. It’s the thing that you cry out to God about. It’s the thing that takes precedent over yourself. 

And it is worth it.


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