Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Challenge!

Greetings dear readers!

Tomorrow, I will be embarking on a journey, not physical, but rather through my mind. I will be traveling back in time, to the mid-1800’s out in the Wild West! I am beginning a challenge with a dear friend of mine, Sarah (Check out Sarah's blog here!).

We are going to do a writing challenge for the month of August! We’re going to write 2 short stories before midnight on August 31st! I could really use some prayer because, despite bouts of writing here and there, it’s hard to focus on writing when there is so much else to do. I am sure Sarah can attest to this.

Aside from that, daily life continues to be. I went to the city Saturday with my dad to scout out a trip that I am organizing for our church to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have work five days a week for four hours a day. (MY NEW JOB IS AWESOME, BTW!!!)

After the writing challenge in August, I’m back to studying September 1st! American Government; yeah! If I am motivated, I will start that earlier, but we shall see.

Just a quick update! I will keep people updated during August on here because I will deactivate my Facebook for that month. So if we’re friends on Facebook, bookmark my blog so you can keep up with me! I’ll be back sometime in the beginning of September.



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