Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Still Grateful.

Author's Note: I thought this had published back in December but it was still saved in my drafts. Enjoy it now as a reminder to continue to be thankful! 

   I know, it's December 1st and I did not finish my November grateful challenge! My only excuse is that I had finals, then a week off for Thanksgiving which was packed with craziness, then my next semester began. I sincerely apologize! I took the last thankfulness questions and answered them below and then I will share what December holds!

Day 14: What sight are you grateful for?
   A bit cliche, but definitely a sunset, especially when there are clouds in the sky that create shadows and shades across the sky.

Day 15: What season are you grateful for?
   Fall or Winter. I love fall because of the cooler air, crunchy, fallen leaves, Thanksgiving, etc., and I love winter because of long, cold nights cuddled on my couch with my little puppy, snow, snow, and snow (!), the hot drinks during the warm car rides, Christmas, etc.

Day 16: What about your body are you grateful for?
   This one is hard to answer without sounding a little conceited I think, but I like my smile.

Day 17: What knowledge are you grateful for?
   I am thankful that I can continually expand my knowledge of my Savior. Also since I love to learn about history and literature, I am thankful for that knowledge too.

Day 18: What piece of art are you grateful for?
   This is hard to choose one, but I'll go with one of the first ones that popped into my head: "View of Toledo" by El Greco. I've seen this painting several times at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the use of shadows, depth, and colors have always amazed me. I've seen several of his other paintings there and they are striking as well.

   There is one other painting that I remember seeing and it almost brought me to tears: Rembrandt's "Christ on the Cross." This is one of those paintings that needs no description.

Day 19: What touch are you grateful for?
   This one is a little weird: I love touching the cover on my steering wheel. It's soft and fuzzy and warms my hands.

Day 20: Who in your life are you grateful for?
   My pastor. He preaches with with heart, sharing the Word of God, guided by the Holy Spirit. I have come to realize just how important it is to have a minister like this and I am extremely grateful.

Day 21: What song are you most grateful for?
   Lately, it's been Natalie Grant's "King of the World." It seems to be extremely fitting over the last few weeks in our nation and in my life. Click here to watch the lyric video.

Day 22: What story are you grateful for?
     The Bible. Hands down.

Day 23: What tradition are you grateful for?
     Thanksgiving morning. My family. Pajamas. Cinnamon rolls. Thanksgiving parade.

Day 24: What challenge are you grateful for?
     To drink more water. I know that's weird but I've been feeling so much better since I've been drinking more water.

Day 25: What moment this week are you most grateful for?
     I realized that in less than a year, I will be done with my bachelor's degree. That was exciting for me.

Day 26: What form of expression are you most grateful for?
     Writing. Poetry. Music. Photography.

Day 27: What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?
     My coffee maker! I drink way more coffee than I should but I'm thankful for it and all my mugs. I have a mug addiction.

Day 28: What small thing happened today that you are grateful for?
     I made it to work a little earlier than normal. Small I know.

Day 29: What friend/family member are you grateful for today?
     My parents. They have become such good friends to me and they're more than just parents now. I trust them with basically all my problems and they are right there with advice and support.

Day 30: What talent or skill do you have that you are grateful for?
   Definitely being able to play the piano. I don't get to play as often as I would like, but I love it. Playing in church every Sunday night is a good time to get in some practice. I know I mentioned this one already previously, but it's one I'm especially grateful for.


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