Wednesday, December 5, 2012


      A dear friend had sent me this picture via social media and I asked if I could take the picture and write something up about it and post it on my blog. She graciously said yes so here it is!

     We live in a culture where purity is a thing almost unheard of! "You're waiting? Why?""Get it over with!" "You will most likely not be with this person when you're old enough to get married, so just do it." "It doesn't matter what other people say, it's okay." "Other people have done it. What's the harm?"

     Maybe you've heard some of these statements from coworkers, friends, or even family members. It's discouraging, right? You have made a decision and others don't understand it. You may feel like no one has the same conviction. You are at a lose. Should I just go ahead? Should I just do it? 

     Let me tell you a quick story: there was a girl, let's call her Brenda. She and her boyfriend had been careful, never allowing themselves to be a situation where they could make a bad choice. They were content where they were because they were waiting. But doubts began to form in Brenda's head because people at her job had made fun of her and her choice. "Why are you waiting? Just do it and get it over with." Some of them even said that if she didn't sleep with her boyfriend, he might leave her. She was terrified. I can't lose him! she thought. We are doing the right thing by waiting. Without realizing it, she had let Satan get into her head. No matter what she did, she had these nagging thoughts telling her to "do it." She finally had enough. Brenda called her boyfriend, let's call him Sam. She began to tell her what had been going on, everything that people had said, the thoughts that had been going through her head, etc. She was crying hysterically. "You and I both know that we can't. I have an idea," he said. They agreed to meet the next day and talk in person. Sam sat her down, grabbed her hands, looked into her eyes and said, "We are going to make a promise, first to God, to each other, then ourselves. We are not going to let other people get into our heads. We know it's wrong. With God's help, we are going to resist the temptations that our culture lays before us and be pure in the sight of God."

       Because of the promise and commitment that these two made to God, each other, and themselves, they resisted the temptations. And, they are married today!

      The point I was making by telling you that story was that you can resist. You can be pure. You can be faithful and true. Whether you are in a relationship or not, God will help you to control yourself and not cross that line. God is saving the perfect person for you. Our Father has something very special for you. He loves you so much and wants the bests for you! 

     Make the promise today. If you have fallen into that temptation, made that bad choice, ask for forgiveness. We are not perfect. God will forgive. He's awesome like that! Then determine in your heart to become who you are to be. If you have not crossed that line, make the choice now, today! Stay pure and true! In fact, if you make your decision today, if reading through this has helped you to make up your mind, then leave me a comment and tell me so! I would love to hear from you! And, if you are struggling with this, please let me know. I will be glad to pray for you!!!

     So, the "moral of the story" is to make the choice for yourself. Stand tall and proud because you are God's creation and you can be true and faithful! Resist it now, and God will reward you!

Blessings! ~Abby 

PS: Thank you Julie for the picture!

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